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In the Lighting lessons, Sue guides you through the natural light studio. The class works on mastering soft, even lighting that flatters all faces. Topics of discussion include: window light, backlight, constant light, and working with strobes. Sue wants you to master finding that beautifully-diffused, flatter, soft light that has drawn so many people to her brand. Once you master lighting, you can truly produce amazing portraits anywhere! So tune in and let Sue share all her tips and tricks that she’s found through her personal experience over the years to help you become the best portrait photographer you can be!

Once you’ve finished this week, we recommend checking out Sue’s additional lighting courses. Also, we highly recommend Felix Kunze and Sue’s course, The Lighting Series, which is available in The Portrait Masters Store.


These lessons are part of the 90 Day Challenge, where Sue gives you all the tools you need to create a business and thrive. Whether you are a beginner, building your business from the ground up, or an experienced photographer, taking your business to the next level, this course will help your business grow!